Keys To Abundance Living – A Soul Recovery Process Workshop

This 3-hour workshop will take the participants on an inward journey of rediscovering the abundant good that is awaiting their willingness, acceptance, and alignment.
  • Expand into a deep embodiment of a loving, immutable Principle that is real, available, present, constant and prosperous.
  • Deepen in the understanding of your ONENESS with It.
  • Re-image yourself in Its image and likeness
  • Visualize and script your heart’s desire from the awareness that “It is already done.”
  • Forgiveness process incorporating the principles of 12-Steps & Radical Forgiveness.
  • 40-Day commitment of prayer partners/meditation/forgiveness and more.
Tickets: $35.00 in advance by June 11, 2017 For further information, please call Office at (904) 825-3600