The Witness Play

The Witness - Approximately two hours (with intermission) in length. It is the story of "Bo," a 69 year old man, born and raised in St. Augustine, FL, who tells his story about the struggle for Civil Rights in America, particularly in St. Augustine.  Nearly all historians concur that the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama put the Civil Rights legislation in Congress.  Many historians believe the events in St. Augustine (the beating of former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young, the incarceration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Monson Motor Lodge swimming pool incident, and the incarceration of The Sixteen Rabbis, etc.), moved the legislation in 1964, to President Lyndon Johnson's desk.  "The Witness" is a love story (fiction) and a story about racism in America (non-fiction) and one racist's experience in the South. A power point presentation accompanies the drama. Now in production as a movie.   Tickets are available at the CSL Bookstore or here on the website.