Embrace the Creative Power Within

Neville Goddard once said that our imagination is our link to the creative power of the universe. This idea resonates deeply, reminding us that we have the potential to grow, thrive, and create. By not giving into fear and by doing the good that lies right in front of us, we can live fulfilling lives. It is within us to draw goodness and love from the very air we breathe. How do we tap into this potential? Let’s explore.


Becoming a Praying Machine

One powerful way to harness our inner creative power is through consistent prayer. Make prayer a habit:

Pray when you wake up

Start your day by connecting with the divine.

Pray during the day

Keep a continuous dialogue with your higher power.

Pray before you sleep

End your day with gratitude and reflection.


While it is certainly beneficial to pray for yourself, it’s equally important to extend your prayers to those around you. By doing this one simple act, you will notice a significant improvement in how you feel about life.


Seeing Heaven on Earth

Another crucial aspect of living a fulfilling life is recognizing the goodness around us. Look for moments of pure love and joy, and when you find them, acknowledge them as glimpses of heaven on earth.

For instance, I recently saw a heartwarming scene at a karate school. A father was holding his daughter’s hand as they walked out together. She was probably around eleven or twelve years old. This simple act of love and connection between a parent and child was a beautiful reminder of the love that exists in our everyday lives.


Expanding Our Perception of Blessings

The more we acknowledge our blessings, the more they seem to multiply. This isn’t just about counting our blessings; it’s about deepening our perception and understanding of them. By doing so, we become channels of divine love, capable of experiencing and spreading goodness in profound ways.


A close up of a flower

Signs of God’s Love in Nature

Nature often reflects the beauty and creativity of the divine. In our area, the crêpe myrtle trees are in full bloom. Their vibrant flowers are a testament to God’s creativity and love. As you go about your week, take a moment to appreciate these trees. When you see a beautiful crêpe myrtle, proclaim, “This is God’s creativity blooming in my life.” Recognize it as a sign that something wonderful and amazing is unfolding for you.


Opening to Divine Abundance

Affirm that you are open to receiving God’s overwhelming love through your health, prosperity, joy, and happiness. By proclaiming this openness, you invite divine blessings into your life.


Creating a New Heaven and Earth

We have the power to envision and create a better world. Proclaim a vision of the world reborn, re-blessed, and re-created into a new heaven and earth. The time for this transformation is now, and we are the people to make it happen.