Two people hugging

We Might Be Your Spiritual Home If…

You believe that God is in everything and everywhere present

You believe that all paths are the right path because all roads lead to the Supreme One

You believe in the healing power of love

You want to be loved and supported as your authentic self

You can influence your life through spiritual practice…meditation, affirmative prayer, mindfulness, sacred service and visioning

You can change your life through the power of positive thought

what we do in the world

what to expect when coming to our center

We believe that everyone is on their own personal Spiritual journey and you will feel welcomed and honored for yours.

You will experience a message of love and inclusion.

You’ll find a group of people who will support you in discovering your Spirit-given possibilities to make the world a better place.

You’ll never feel pressured to give or to join.

You’ll leave our service feeling encouraged and inspired, knowing you are the means by which Spirit is revealing a better day for all humanity.

Welcome Home.

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