• Healing Meditation: 9:30 am
  • Sunday Celebration Service: 10:00 – 11:00 am
Main room with rows of seats and podium in the front of the room

Who is Welcome

Join our Sunday Celebration, open to all ages and faiths. We seek wisdom from all traditions, knowing that open hearts and minds foster spiritual growth.

As our community grows, we look forward to nurturing our children’s spiritual journey with a dedicated youth program. For now, families participate together in our services.

Join us and experience the joy of an inclusive spiritual home. Be part of uplifting community conversations as we travel together on this winding path of faith. You belong here.

What to Expect

Experience a welcoming sanctuary in our Center. Center for Spiritual Living’s Sunday Celebration Service is filled with love, light, music and energy! Our goal is to renew your mind, ignite your soul and inspire your dreams! This is the time to come charge your spiritual batteries with an uplifting service filled with powerful music, meditation and Rev. Ken’s message of empowerment and truth.

Our teachings draw from all faiths, and as such, you will hear the wisdom of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, as well as contemporary teachers that speak right to our hearts. Our teachers range from Jesus to Emerson to Rumi and many others who teach us how to become the masters of our own lives. The truth taught by all these paths and teachers allows us to become aware of spiritual laws that serve our lives. Once you understand these laws, you can use them to change your life and manifest your hearts desire.

We also have special holiday celebrations and ceremonies that fall on other days besides Sunday. Please check the calendar section of this website for information on those.

Our services go way beyond the typical “church service”. Our service includes Reiki healing, affirmative prayer, an inclusive message, music, and community conversations to leave you feeling uplifted and inspired, knowing you’re part of manifesting a better world. They are designed to shift your thinking and change your life for the better! You will leave inspired and encouraged to create positive shifts in all areas of your life!