We offer Spiritual Counseling to all members, non-members, and guests of our spiritual community

Anyone who is seeking spiritual healing, needs support in resolving a life challenge or is simply looking for inspiration is welcome to schedule a one-on-one session with the Minister or one of the Licensed Practitioners. At the Center for Spiritual Living, we believe in the power of spiritual counseling to heal, inspire, and support. Whether you’re a member, a guest, or someone seeking a spiritual community, our doors are open to you.

Life can often present us with challenges that seem insurmountable. But remember, you’re not alone. Our spiritual counseling sessions are designed to help you navigate these difficult times. Whether you’re seeking spiritual healing, need support in resolving a life challenge, or simply looking for inspiration, we’re here for you.

Call the office at (904) 825-3600 or fill out our form to make an appointment, or feel free to contact directly a practitioner of your choice.

One-on-One Sessions Tailored to Your Needs

Schedule a one-on-one session with our Minister or one of our Licensed Practitioners. These sessions are tailored to your unique needs, providing you with the guidance and support you need to overcome your challenges and find your path.

Accessible and Affordable

We believe that everyone should have access to spiritual counseling. That’s why we offer affordable rates for our sessions. And remember, no one is ever denied counseling due to an inability to pay.

The cost of a 1-hour session is as follows:

Minister: $75.00/Members and Non-Members

Licensed Practitioner: $35.00

Senior Minister 
Licensed Practitioners