Spiritual Counseling

We offer Spiritual Counseling to all members, non-members, and guests of our spiritual community.

Anyone who is seeking spiritual healing, needs support in resolving a life challenge or is simply looking for inspiration is welcome to schedule a one-on-one session with the Minister or one of the Licensed Practitioners.

Call the office at (904) 825.3600 to make an appointment or feel free to contact directly a practitioner of your choice.

The cost of a 1-hour session is as follows:

Minister:  $75.00/Members and Non-Members

Licensed Practitioner:  $35.00

***No one is ever denied counseling for inability to pay***

Senior Minister

Rev. Ken Wilcox, (904) 825.3600

Licensed Practitioners

Richard Austin, (904) 993-3795

Jim Soll, (904) 794.0553

Maureen Surrency, (904) 679-8011

Rev. Nancy Hobbie-Lowe, (904) 584-7026